We’ve all had paw prints where we don’t want them, whether that be the carpet, clothes or even on the furniture. And dogs are dogs, even after a seemingly mud-less walk, they manage to coat their paws and bellies in mud and water. But often walking the dog is an enjoyable part of the day, so worth the constantly muddy floors. But what if I told you, there’s a way to avoid cleaning the furniture of paw prints multiple times a day? A way to simplify the dreaded chase just to catch the dog so you can dry them before they race into the house? Unlike a standard towel, our drying mittens are much smaller so therefore less daunting for the dog, meaning they will be more willing to be dried. The mittens allow you to concentrate on particularly muddy areas too, so it’s easy to clean paws thoroughly.The towel connecting the mittens helps to ensure mud does not get on your clothes when drying your dog, so you can avoid those last minute outfit changes!

Green drying mittens