Keep your pup cool this summer with this super colourful snood! Simply pop it in the freezer or thoroughly rinse under cold water and then put it on your dog to help keep them cool. Made from a lightweight jersey fabric, this is essential for Summer!


Why does my dog need a summer snood?


- soak them in cool water and then put them around your dog's neck to help to keep them cool.


- use them when they are being dried at the groomers using a hair dryer as it will help to absorb water from the fur but also lessen the sound of the hair dryer, helping to keep your dog calm.


- keep your dog's ears out of their face during feeding times to keep them clean.


- help to keep their ears clean on muddy walks and can prevent ear infections.


- plus they look adorable!




Extra small: 20cm - 25cm (small chihuahua, jack russell etc)


Small: 26cm - 33cm (dachshund, pug etc)


Medium: 34cm - 41cm (cockapoo, spaniel etc)


Large: 42cm - 49cm (small Labrador, staffy etc)


Extra large: 50cm+ (golden retriever, St. Bernard etc

Rainbow snood