A definite classic, how much are you loving this red bunched snood!


Why should my dog have a snood?


These trendy accessories are an all-year-round essential. During colder months, they are the perfect accessory to go with your pup's favourite jumper or coat. In warmer weather, they make a fantastic fashion statement and are essential to wear on those cooler evening or early morning strolls. Our snoods can also be worn whilst your pup is being groomed to reduce the noise of the hair dryer and help to reduce anxiety. They can be worn during feeding times and walks to help keep your pup's ears clean and of course look totally fabulous!



Extra small: 20cm - 25cm (small chihuahua, jack russell etc)


Small: 26cm - 33cm (dachshund, pug etc)


Medium: 34cm - 41cm (cockapoo, spaniel etc)


Large: 42cm - 49cm (small Labrador, staffy etc)


Extra large: 50cm+ (golden retriever, St. Bernard etc)

Red bunched snood

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