Made from a stretchy, lightweight, absorbent material, these snoods are ESSENTIAL, especially for the summer. 
Why does my dog need a summer snood?
- soak them in cool water and then put them around your dog's neck to help to keep them cool. 
- use them when they are being dried at the groomers using a hair dryer as it will help to absorb water from the fur but also lessen the sound of the hair dryer, helping to keep your dog calm. 
- keep your dog's ears out of their face during feeding times to keep them clean.
- help to keep their ears clean on muddy walks and can prevent ear infections. 
- plus they look adorable!
Extra small: 20cm - 25cm (small chihuahua, jack russell etc)
Small: 26cm - 33cm (dachshund, pug etc)
Medium: 34cm - 41cm (cockapoo, spaniel etc)
Large: 42cm - 49cm (small Labrador, staffy etc)
Extra large: 50cm+ (golden retriever, St. Bernard etc

Teal summer snood

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